Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tee Dum Tuesday


I had a very interesting time thinking up what this post would talk about.
It was a very pointed view of
how we/I take myself too seriously,
which I had planned to wrap in my
usual lyricallness
What made me decide against this was the fact that I was very serious
and sure of my correct opinion on the subject.
Thus, I felt it better to tell you that,
and leave that subject where it is.
Perhaps another post
at a future date.
I did get to spend time with some of the fams this past weekend.
(Those of you who weren't there
really missed out.
Dad and I caught some
fish.... But we didn't eat any.)
It was so cool to be with most e'erybody,
though Uncle Jim and Aunt Nancy couldn't make it
(Love you!!!!)
and some others.
Mostly we swam, and ate yummy food, and talked alot.

And as my brother Juan so eloquently sang
"Gimme the people
tha' can free ma soul"

Silly me: I wore my glasses over some sunglasses
Silly Johnny: Had some amazing art displayed

Love you all :)

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