Friday, May 6, 2011

Not Andrew, Not Thursday.

As Andrew is preoccupied with Pokemon Soul Silver at the moment, he has given the consent for me write his weekly blog update.

So far Andrew has collected 229 pokemon out of the 315 he has seen. You may not think that is a big deal, but Professor Oak thinks he is doing a very good job. As we know, it is only Professor Oak's opinion that matters.

Yesterday, Andrew stuffed birds with his mentor, Lynne. He stuffed a male eastern towhee. He did not come back smelling funny, as he did all last summer.

He was supposed to help her again today because of a power outage that defrosted a whole bunch of animals in the Bio freezer, turning them into what he described to me as a "fermenting soup". But it didn't end up happening, as Lynne decided to just chuck the whole thing out.

At the same time Andrew was stuffing the bird, I was far away in Chapel Hill, with one of my professors. Why? Just for FUN. I also got to eat lunch with some professors the other day and gossip about students who failed. Only at Guilford!

Anyway, I was in Chapel Hill for fun, and it was really pretty out there. But I also realized they were ALL WHITE over there. I so I whispered to my professor "Everyone is White!" and we laughed for a while about it. She's one of the people who picked me for the Riversville Scholarship, which selects high achieving African American students at select universities on the east coast. I won 12,000 dollars! WHOOP WHOOP! Other than that though, I really liked Chapel Hill. I also learned that you get ripped of if you have to pay for your doctoral degree! Which makes the future just a little more bright.

Slowly I am preparing for Andrew to leave for Kenya. I was planning to on going abroad too, however with the community involvement of the Riversville scholarship and the beginning of the Bi/Multiracial group on campus, I just could not leave with a clear conscious. So, now I have a free summer ahead of me! Thus, I strongly encourage you to visit me in my turf up in NYC, if I am not in Costa Rica or Pennsylvania.

Andrew has grown so much in the time since I met an awkward guy at a dance who would not talk unless I prodded him. He is is spiritual, intellectual, and adventurous. Also, he is a very pretty boy. My family absolutely LOVES him, and even my Dad is excited to see him a little bit over the summer. It's also really cool that we can both talk to eachother's moms really comfortably too.

Also, one last observation, that Andrew is too chicken to bring up himself: Why don't you let him do opening prayer anymore? Seriously, you're just missing out.


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  1. So, i totally think andrew should ask professor oak for a recommendation. Might come in handy in the future!