Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuuueeesssssdddaaayy :D

It's Tuesday!!!
We're so happy
because this means that we
get to read Richard's witty thoughts
and awesome jokes.
Yeah ok, so I'm done inflating my head :D
On to other things
Other things:

if you take two really unhealthy things, and
put them together in a bowl with a spoon,
what do you get?
canned peaches
and ice cream.

this is what i call
the "dysfunctional question"
(keep the fun in dysfunctional!)
dysfunctional question is where you have an
absolutely question general And specific;
that is, very general in appearance (two unhealthy
things; in a bowl/with a spoon is a little more aimed)
and yet requiring a very specific answer: canned peaches
and ice cream.

Technically, alot of things could have
fit in the question's category.
chocolate syrup and ice cream
for example, or
Squirrel gravy and pork rinds.
(Pass the pork scratchings chap!)
However, the whole point of the question
was the very specific answer:
canned peaches and ice cream.

This of course only works on individual and inside knowledge basis.
Only those cool peeps who had dinner with me understand that
I brought this up because I had peaches and ice cream for dinner.
I bet most of you postulated that
pretty soon thereafter)
In any case, this is a concept I just came up with.
Give it a try.
(Note: no dissing, unkind, innuenduous, or otherwise noncool dysfunctional question-answer; or else, Richard [that's me] will be sad)

Silly things:
I brought Ruthie nachos and salsa today! because my refrigerator is leaving eventually with my roommate (that is to say, my roommate's fridge, which I use, is leaving soon.)
Ruthie named her sewing machine Lester!

Luvs!! :D

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