Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Quote of the day: Oh... Dad, Dad! Today's your day to post. --- Adrianna one minute ago.

So, thank you Adrianna for the reminder.

The fever is gone but the snot remains. Adrianna had the crud through her finals. Johnny got it next in time for his AP tests, now I'm about done with it I hope. Perhaps we'll be able to stop it here without carrying it to Charlottesville. :)

I recorded a rendition of 'I Just Can't Wait to be King' by Adrianna and Johnny, but they won't grant publishing rights. I suppose you'll all have to request a live performance.

I find it strange that when video is involved singing is no big deal, but if it is audio only it isn't okay... Like the stupid things we sing are BETTER or less embarrassing when you get to watch us DO stupid things at the same time??? I mean fireflies is already online for the world, and most of you acknowledge being related to me... so what's the difference? :)

The current song they are working on is 'Make a Man Out of You' from Mulan.... sounds like we need a family performance of the whole repertoire. Time to move on to something else.

More on the random theme of Really?

Our Brains as Data Recorders
An experiment recently successfully turned off part of people's brains in an attempt to simulate Savant symptoms (both positive and negative). The limited study supports the hypothesis that Savant skills may be a result of direct access to raw data EVERYONE is already storing, but that normal people can't access directly.... Moses 6:61 anyone? or maybe Alma 11:42?

Energy-->Matter-->Information or Energy-->Information-->Matter?
The idea that the universe may actually be a holographic projection.... ?! is mathematically and experimentally supportable but certainly not provable yet. Fermilab is designing an instrument called a holimeter sensitive enough to tell if the 'pixelization' or static in space time picked up by current technology indicates a holographic universe or not. Current projections are that the project may be complete by 2013 (or the end of 2012) Get ready to say goodbye to the third dimension??? D&C 131? D&C 138:1-2? Alma 40? Or maybe not... but it is interesting

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