Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hello all :D

A little boy sat,
amazed at the sounds
he made,
The little tin whistle
screeching with high
pitched noise.
He'd never learned
to play the thing,
and yet there he was, playing.

A young man sat,
stumped as to what
to say,
The familiar keys
not stringing words
like they used to.
He'd written many
many words before....
and yet there he was, stumped.

Sometimes we feel like one,
sometimes the other.
But everyone feels
a little like both at times.
In truth, we are a combine
made up of both strengths
and weaknesses.
Strong times
and weak times.
We ne'er succeed
in all we do.
But we never fail at everything

And so, we probably shouldn't see others as one extreme, nor expect of them the other.
The big part would be knowing
when you're needing the hand of another under yours,
steadying your gait
and when you can be that hand,
strengthening your brother.

I've thought some about my blogs, and how general they are. They're like those thin, huge blankets; the ones that can be easily shared between a number of people,
huddled around the fire. They don't really work as good blankets, so thin, and unable to be totally snugly and warm like a huge Korean blanket. But maybe close to the fire, they could be just that comfort blanket, whose presence is nice. Not really needed, but nice to have.

Silly things about...
me: I was dead after a ten-minute workout with Johnny
Johnny: He kept going for ten minutes longer :D

Wish I could be with everybody right now
Maybe soon :)
Luvs you all

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