Sunday, May 1, 2011

I have three facts for you all.

Classes end on Tuesday.
Exams start Thursday (though I do have two tomorrow).
And I have senioritis. Reeeaaalll bad. Soooo bad, I worded that last fragment that way on purpose. I'm not even going to correct it. My spelling is horrible. My grammar is deteriorating. I'm leaving out words and letters left and right. (Just ask Andrew.) It's a good thing I finished all my papers already, or I'd be screwed (though I do have essays on some of my exams. Hm..... something will have to be done about this).

Every semester, I have this short little stint right in the middle of finals where all I want to do is pack. This is not because I want to leave. It's mostly about procrastination. Plus, I really just love packing. After trying desperately to shove all the information you can into your head in preparation for ambiguous and poorly defined questions (trust me, they often are), it is nice to be able to organize and consolidate (yay for consolidation!), to have concrete objects in front of you that you can completely control. It's also nice to be able to do something completely on your own, without waiting for other parties (professors, group mates, etc) involved.

But this year packing is the last thing on my mind, for many reasons. The most prominent of these is probably that this time, once I pack up and head out, I actually won't be coming back. Also, I will be here for quite some time after finals are over, so it really doesn't make much sense to pack right now.

So what do I do to procrastinate? Sleep!!
Ok, so not really. I took a nap today for the first time in months, and it was very nice.

Random details about my week:
I stole Yolanda's croutons from her salad on Thursday and threw them to a friendly squirrel.
I set a croissant on fire in the dining hall (apparently they don't toast so well).
Christine and I made the softest bread in the world yesterday in her bread machine. Seriously, it was amazing.

Hope you each had a good start to your week! Love you all,


  1. I just noticed all of my random details are about food. To add to them: Christine and I made two chocolate cakes this week and ate them both in the course of four days. They were delicious.

  2. A small person who likes food....

  3. Right now, I dislike packing... But it's mixed with cleaning. So, that makes sense.