Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TEn TCharette TTuesday

Hey all!!!!

So look at the Title above.
Doesn't make any sense does it?
Well, you're wrong. It makes sense
In my head.
Basically, I didn't want to break
the tradition of using T's in my
Soo... I added an extra T
to every word
to make it work.
Commonsensical? :D
So, it actually should read:
"En Charette Tuesday"
Now that that's
cleared up,
we can move on.
Oh, wait...
Most of you don't
speak French....
and even those who
do won't understand
the architectural idiom.
So basically the
literal meaning of
"En charette"
is "In the cart"
What does this have to do with architecture?
Well, not only will I tell you that,
but I will also tell you how it relates
to YOUR life
O.o whoa! my life?
you say
please continue!
I love personalizing stuff.
So, the saying En charette,
or In the cart,
is an architectural term for

:( yes, that does relate to my life
you say
The origin came from when there were
huge competitions in architecture, where
at the deadline architects would have to
have all their ideas and work ready to present.
Beyond the time limit, no work would be accepted.
So, very often architects would be scribbling down their last
moment inspiration while "en charette", on the way to the
presenting ground.
I just learned this today in fact.
Just kidding. I remember
last semester my professor
took us to his house, and
on the way back to UVA
explained that concept.
But of course, I was a silly
First-Year, who couldn't even
understand why architects would
be in carts when cars where so much
faster, and less bumpy.
Anyhoo, looking at the past few posts,
I think it's fair to say some of us are
en charette.
Either that, or sleeping in til 10 AM
(Just kidding Adri :D luvs!!!)
But you know, being en charette
is what happens sometimes.
A really smart guy told me
that sometimes we've just got
too much to do.
Sometimes, we need
to say, I cannot deal with this
right now.
Focusing on the essentials,
the really important stuff,
the focus of your architectural presentation, if you will
is the big part.
But do be happy while en charette,
or you turn into someone who gets really gumpy.
And thats not fun. :D

Silly thing about me: I just about freaked when thunder shook our half-glass enclosed classroom.
Silly thing about someone else: My entire section class almost did as well.
(I must do a shout-out to awesome Mr. Matt, who was cool enough to give me a ride to the library so I didn't get T-totally soaked)
Luvs you all!!!


  1. Much as I loved your post, I do have one thing to mention:
    You do know you're still a first year, right?

  2. yeah, but it was more for other peeps having charette probs :D

  3. Oh, no no no! I was referring to your: "But of course, I was a silly First-Year" comment, not your workload! I wouldn't trade all my exams combined for your architecture projects.... shudder...

  4. thatreallystressfultimerightattheendoftheyearwhenyouvegotsomuchtodoandnotimetodoitanddidImentionI'mreallystressed

  5. Ok, Just FYI, I don't generally sleep past 9:30 at school... And why would be a bad thing even if I wasn't in the cart?! People in the cart are stressed, and adri doesn't like stress. I think I will stay away from all carts from here on out. In fact, I'll make it my personal mission to destroooyyyyy them!!! Thus, making the world a happier more stress free place :D