Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Regular Tuesday

Hullo all!

Yes, it is regular Tuesday :D There will be no crazy moving of text But wait What is so strange then There must be oddity if this is truly to be a regular Tuesday Well if you havent figured out yet there is no punctuation at all besides what is used on the smiley face above and the introduction soooooo yeah this is where a dot dot dot would occur
That was hard I had to keep removing commas where I was just in the habit of putting them In any case on to my actual topic
I dont know what todays topic is I usually start thinking about it on Monday or in the morning, because I always look forward to saying hello to you guys I guess we shall wing it
Following several more like 2 minutes of thinking dot dot dot
Have you ever thought about the future I thought so It seems that most people do And what I mean when I say the future is my your his her our their future Yes lets personalize this Have you ever thought about YOUR future Im guessing you have if your a normal person Some people can wing it really well but Im guessing most of us do at least plan our lives a little bit Its interesting to look at how life works out As a child I never imagined myself in Clemons Library on April 12 much less as a student at UVA But I had a general aim I wanted college so in a way I very much have ended up where I expected But its far more detailed and actual and real than I ever put my mind into imagining my future when I was a kid
Where am I going with this you ask dotdotdot I have 50% of an idea where Im going I reply Ok Great now that we are at an understanding lets keep going
So I can now instead of looking at how I in the past looked at the future which is now present I can look at the future and imagine how I see the future now We wont even get into looking at how I could look at how I will in the future look at the more distant future
I imagine going home or maybe getting dinner at the dining hall going through my routine and going to bed
That is a fairly simple and yet accurate statement of my near future But when I actually go through with it which I need to shortly if Im getting late dinner it will be far more real and possibly with unexpected turns or twists Maybe it will be torrential rain again as it was a while ago and Ill have to take shelter until the storm abates Or any number of funky things But if I and you focus on the goal in this case getting to the dining hall and getting dinner on time then no unimportant distraction will keep us from going if we truly focus on it Something may happen that changes my focus like someone falls down near me Then my focus on getting dinner ends superseded by the focus of making sure this dude or dudette is ok
So putting on an abstract grand scale if you plot your chart and start heading in that direction you can keep fairly straight Sometimes things will change and you will discover maybe that either you have a new goal or that you were going in the wrong direction to get where you wanted to go But always have a purpose in going forward and always be sure thats the way you want to go Look for your Northern Star, your reference point, and make sure its constant in position And then move forward in your plans
Being sure youre heading where you want to is almost if not as important as setting out and actually doing it Because if you go out to find that your Northern Star isnt constant or youre heading in the wrong direction it will be harder to find your bearings
But if you do end up as such its ok It wont be the end dotdotdot hopefully Youll never ever ever be perfect in execution of the future and sooooo many unplanned things will come both distractions and important things like checking on people who fall down So the point is to be prepared but to know when youre prepared enough to set sail
In everything use common sense

Like the fact that I love you!
And want to see you guys all really badly!!!!

Silly thing about me: I ran in the pouring rain from class without a jacket, going super fast and running like a maniac
Silly thing about my friend: He followed suit..... except he had a thin thin plastic poncho and a bike :D

Luv you all family!!!!!!


  1. I saw you arrive at the library after your lightning-etched sprint. You looked pretty dashing. Just FYI.

  2. Just so you know, a "dotdotdot" is called an ellipsis (plural ellipses) and just so happens to be my favorite punctuation mark! (What? You don't love parentheses the most? No, actually I don't. I only use them more than ellipses because I edit out at least half the ellipses I put in anything I write after the fact.)
    Also, you are a genius Richard. You should try stream of consciousness or something.