Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly Report

The week before last (as in the 28th to the 1st), was rather busy. I had an Italian paper and three exams. Luckily, I made it through alive. I have gotten back the grades for two of the exams and the paper (It's a grading miracle! Usually these things take weeks.) and am relatively pleased with them. The following week (last week) was much less busy. Mostly, I spent the same amount of time in the library, jut reading for class instead of studying for exams. The time at my dorm was spent cleaning up the awful mess that seems to take over every study-cram period, around the same time my sleeping schedule starts shrinking.

So, I find that whenever I have free time (which actually happened a little bit this week), it works its way into one of four categories: maintenance work, reading, and listening to music.

Maintenance work report for the week: My dishes are done, my kitchen is sparkling, my room is clean (even my desk!), and (drumroll....) I HAVE CLEAN CLOTHES TO WEAR!! I also showered much more regularly than the week before.

Reading report for the week: Because I finished The Castle of Otranto last weekend, I picked up a non-school book to read during class changes and bus rides. It is called Wide Sargasso Sea (by Jean Rhys) and is (thus far) pretty good. It was inspired by Bertha Rochester's untold story in Jane Eyre, but takes place several years in the future (of Jane Eyre, not of the present) in Jamaica. I have unfortunately not gotten very far but hope to finish it before I have to return it to the library.

Music report for the week: Christine (my roommate) and I have a tradition of exchanging mixes. Her current one (which I hope to finish before the end of the semester) has only eleven songs on it. So, I'd been going through my music library, and I.... got distracted. Suffice it to say that all that cleaning I mentioned earlier was done to a mixture of The Who, Velvet Underground, and The Kinks.
And now I have a burning desire to spend all the time I (won't) have this week making a massive 60s rock mix.... song suggestions anyone?

I love you all (and apologize for my constant abuse of parentheses),