Friday, April 1, 2011

Gmail Motion!

Ok, so as you all know, the newest big wave of technology for video game systems, computers, smartphones, and baseballs can be summed up in two words: Motion Sensitive. Maybe “newest” isn’t completely accurate. After all, the Wii (as we all know) was released on November 19 2006.
“Joseph”, you tell me. “Four years ago in technology years is like three decades in dog years”.
First off, that’s inaccurate. Dog years really aren’t equivalent to human years in a 7:1 ratio. Second, average life expectancy varies by breed of dog. Third, if it was accurate, then yes, four years ago would be roughly equivalent to three dog decades.
Anyway, the point is that four years ago is a long time ago technologically speaking. We’re in the fast lane. Well, four years ago, the first motion based game that was really actually fun and functional and diverse (I’m ignoring a number of really sucky to mildly disappointing games) came out. Since then, there have been a few copycats and knock offs, but no real innovations in the field of remote motion-based control in new technologies.
Now, the genius Big Brother that’s actually kind of cool instead of creepy authoritative has done it again. Taken a new technology and made it interactive, effective, and fun.
I’m talking, of course, about Google’s newest program Gmail Motion, released to the public today. This unprecedented technology allows you to read, write, organize and send emails in your Gmail account, without touching your mouse or keyboard a single time. How you ask? By taking advantage of your existing webcam software, Google analyzes your body movements and identifies them, matching them to preset commands like Forward, Delete, Archive, etc. By simply waving your arms and bending your torso a bit, you can have all the control of using a mouse, with none of the crippling disadvantages. The commands set by Google are all very intuitive, it’s not like you’re going to have to learn American Sign Language or semaphore just to check your email. Just go to Google, and after referencing some of their handy charts, you’ll be doing calisthenics as you browse your emails. Using the computer for hours on end doesn’t have to be unhealthy anymore!
Still don’t believe it’s that easy? Well check it out! Google has already published the small amount of software needed online for free. All you need is a webcam, a computer, Google’s Gmail Actions keychart, and the ability to move your limbs!
Check it out, and be some of the first to pioneer this new realm of digital interactivity.


  1. Way to steal someone else's april fool's joke.

  2. Wow Andrew, that's a pretty strange way to type "Best Review on a Nonexistent-Product Ever!"

  3. lol! and here i was wondering what happened if you sneezed by accident....jokes on me! ;) luv, mumsy xo