Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nest Update

Quick announcement:

My Chickadees had eight eggs! It's the largest clutch Lynn Mosely (my professor) has seen in the Guilford bluebird boxes in a long time. Based on the time they started incubating they will hatch as early as April 9. That means if I'm lucky they'll be old enough in time for my class to band them! I might even get to see them fledge if I'm lucky!
Chickadee young, like most passerine chicks, are altricial, which means they are helpless and naked. Precocial is the opposite. Precocial young, such as goslings or chicks, are more or less able to fend for themselves with some guidance.


  1. That is soooo great. They will be grateful for a big brother like you to take care of them! One question: 'see them fledge'---what does that mean? luv, mumsy xoxo