Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sorry for missing my post last week on St. Patty's Day. If it makes you feel any better I remembered it when I had to wake up for a 2 am fire alarm because someone put a vegan chicken patty in for 150 minutes rather than 150 seconds.

On to the important news. I have a bluebird box! For my Ornithology class I am observing the happenings. The first day I checked it it had a new nest in it. The nest was a layer of moss and with some hair on top, indicating that it is a chickadees nest. And in talking to my Ornithology professor she is thinking that eggs are going to be laid soon. Then it is just a week or two until they hatch, and then another week or two until the chicks fledge. That means that possibly as soon as the end of April my little guys are going to be leaving the nest. And they haven't even been born yet!

Olivia also got me Pokemon SoulSilver, which is awesome. There's an electric sheep pokemon! If you haven't looked at the pokemon for the new Black and White versions you are lucky. They've got a GOTH pokemon and a COFFIN pokemon. And apparently the bad guys want to free pokemon from servitude. AND SOMEHOW THIS IS A BAD THING.
At the Natural Science Center there are three six week old maned wolf pups (which aren't actually wolves, they're the last surviving species of a South American large canine line). I haven't gotten to see them, because they always nap in the afternoon when I volunteer. Fun fact, the pups are black with white tips and the adults are red with black legs, mane and face. And tomorrow I'm going to be showing snakes to about 125 scouts for the Natural Science of Greensboro for 5 hours, which will be fun. Unfortunately that means I'll be missing the hypnotist and drag show Serendipity events. What is Serendipity you ask? It's this awesome Guilford weekend where people have fun. Some people may have a bit too much fun for their own good, but there are concerts, food, and bouncy houses. So I'm pretty excited.

Anyway, do whatever you want in the comments. You have full reign.


  1. they have vegan chicken patties? :-/ that sounds almost as dangerous as regular ones :D

  2. Just to let you know, vegan chicken patties happen to be delicious. I actually like them a little bit more than regular chicken patties.

  3. I have never had the honor of trying them, so I guess I'll take your word for it. :D Another question, only slightly related:
    What do they make vegetarian crumble out of? Crumbled vegetarians?

  4. Soy i think. If it's fake meat (other than in chicken, they use chickpeas for that) it's sorta safe to guess soy.