Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 minute Tuesday

Hello all!
I'm on one of those speedy computers
In Clemons, where you only get
10 mins to do what you need to.
Logging on and typing the above/this has
take two mins 9 seconds

Have you ever taken time to do something that
you don't have to?
I've been seriously focused most of the time on huge projects
or exams Ive been having
Juggling one with the other with the other.

But, if you take a few moments, like I am in writing this sentence
things feel better.
Hey, I've still got over 6 minutes :D

So, when you're cramming in the work, and when you feel the most rushed
take a minute to not think
about the paper, project, or other thing you must do
and just write how you feel after two minutes of silence about how you feel,
so on. Whatever really
3 minutes 30 seconds

I am going to have to sign out etc, so I'd better get
on with it.

I am silly, so I won't explain how silly I've been to day.

You are silly I bet, so you know how silly you've been today.

We won't have to embarrass each other
with stories about pretending we cannot hear
anyone for the entire day :D

Love you all
2 min 4 sec

:D and be happy
do what you gotta do
and just be happy :)

Love you fams

1 min 20 sec :D

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