Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hey all.
I am sitting
in a little library seat.
For my
comp has de-id
as for the interneet

I tried. :D
Basically, my computer isn't getting very good
internet connection for the past several days
(I dunno exactly why...
I did spill a little juice on it
After which I took it apart and dried it...)
This means I'm here
At Clemons Library.
It could be worse.
I could have a computer that gets
no internet connection
or that fried and erased all my notes.
But sadly, I am short on time, as it is late, and
I should be getting home.
So this post will be shortish.
It seems sometimes like we are supposed to be
all over the place.
Lots of things to do.
But that's ok.
Because most of it's all good and fun
and what isn't...
we can hopefully still smile about :)
I know that's all probably hard to read
I figured the back and forth made a good
visual explanation,
Or however you call it.

My game: See how short of a sentence you can make while still having a subject, verb, direct object, and indirect object.
:D good luck

Silly thing about me: I have one pocket full of cardboard pieces, and the other has a short ruler, with cutouts in it so you can make a car, airplane, boat/water and seagull, and a train. :D
Silly thing about someone else: I think one of my TAs was wearing bowling shoes today... or something similar

(Sadly, this does mean you may not be able to reach me as well by internet until I find out what's up. :( srrys. I will keep coming and checking at the library, but probably only a few times a day)

Luvs you all!!!!! :D
Be happy :D
or call me :D


  1. I buy Mo ham. 9 letters--12 with spaces.
    I do it to Bo. 9 letters--13 with spaces

  2. Darn it! I forgot about proper nouns!
    I get Jo it. 8!!

  3. bahahahaha, ok so i just started to read the comments and i was like "what in the world is she talking about?"...... yup