Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Keep Tuesday

Hello all

Yesterday, as I worked on an Architecture Arts and Crafts project,
I came upon something interesting.
I had been whining all
day about how much I
doing this work.

Ruth will testify
to how whiny I was being.
I have since realized: Earlier that same day,
I had rediscovered why I had considered
Architecture at all as my career.
Shall I explain?
I shall.
For the first time in a long time,
I actually did some drafting for
my architecture project
All I had to do to feel better about
it was draw a bunch of light regulating
And it was really fun.
As I continued my thoughts,
I discovered how rhythm
is what I love.
Making a systematic rhythm of lines,
like in drafting; beating to the rhythm of
a song; and tons of other things.
I discovered more about myself,
and felt more sure that my direction,
despite seeming a pain
some or most of the time,
was based on
And to think I'd been considering
not choosing architecture as a
Which is still possible.
Just not as probable.
That's great, you say, but really Richard,
Just tell us the cheesy lesson,
and get on with it.
So I will.
And I'll enjoy my rhythmicness
while I'm at it.
There are two kinds of things in this life
(Ok, so there are a lot more,
but for conciseness sake,
we will accept this postulation)
Things that keep, and
things that don't.
Rock keeps.
It can endure years of
a ton of weight,
and even fracturing
and such.
And yet it still works as a rock.
Assuming that you would
need one for something.

Bread doesn't keep.
It must be used,
properly stored,
or it will soon mold,
and become inedible
to those of us
who want to live
Similarly it is with us, and life.
Ideas are some of those things
that don't always keep.
We forget,
get caught up in things,
or just get out of practice.
But luckily, there is
a solution.
Bread may not keep,
but it's pretty easy to make.
In the same way,
the idea of why
I love architecture won't keep,
but I can always
remind myself.
Assuming I remember to
remind myself :D
But really, certain things, like
knowledge, belief,
don't keep well.
Then you get grumpy like me.
And you certainly don't want that.
Or you start asking why you
even went in this direction
in the first place.
And maybe you end up
almost quitting.
So those ideas that
don't keep well,
remake often.
I plan on doing some more drafting
to remind myself of why I love

Silly thing about me: I am not silly
Silly thing about other peeps: You are all silly

Love you family :)
and hope you have a fun
bloggy week


  1. Everyone gets whiny on occasion ricardo.

  2. You've got time to be sure of what you want to do :) It's not a hurry yet.

  3. love your formating, style & insights! whatever you do, you'll be great at it. ;) luv, mumsy xoxo