Thursday, April 14, 2011

WQFS interview!

All eight chicks hatched yesterday! It's full in there and I feel bad for their parents who have to feed all of them. The parents are getting more used to me, one of them doesn't scream at me.

And I was on the radio! Here's the link to the Greenleaf Review's website, which has a widget on the side with the radio recordings, one of which is mine. Check it out.
The interview is about 30 minutes long. I would really be happy if you took time to listen to it, because it would make me happy. :D
I'm currently really happy with the piece. My professor called it brilliant.

Stay fresh family!


  1. I hope no comments from you all mean that you have listened to the interview! It was really good and I know Andrew would be really happy if you took some time to listen to it.

  2. sadly not yet... :( i is sorry. will do though :D
    tis on the list.