Thursday, April 21, 2011

forgive me

It is the end of the semester and everything is due, so please forgive my brevity in the post.
There only seven chickadees now, one disappeared from the nest :(. But their eyes are open now and they are more feathered.

Fun fact, I found that the "pimento" is the red pepper part in the green olive. And that's why there is that red stuff in the glory that is pimento cheese. The sad part is that a three year old girl knew it before I did.

New addition: I talked to my professor today (friday) and she said we could band the chicks on monday.


  1. You are forgiven!!
    Also, joseph and i just had a long conversation about cheeses we could list. Pimento was not one of them, as i forgot about it.
    Also, olives are disgusting :)
    (remember how you guys used to stick them all over your fingers?)

  2. forgive you???? I haven't gotten my post up at all in at least two (maybe more) weeks! don't worry about it. and congratulations on the scholarship!!!