Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tis Tuesday All!

Hullo all my dear chaps and chapettes!
I am sorry. Tis eventide, and I have not planned any sort of programme... again.
Have you ever had a time where it seemed like EVERYONE was talking about you....
Like you get 17 emails in a 20 minute time period, and find yourself with 92 notifications
on Facebook.
if you don't, I'm sorry,
Because it feels awesome.
It feels so great, that I've written a poem,
taking selections from a few of the many messages I've gotten.

Gameboy Friday too,
Aminals like
Hippos, Crocs
and (human) Cuckoos.

These are some
of the silly things I've seen
... But what does it mean?

There is no sense,
no rational string,
except that my name
in the chaos
they bring.

I hope they are happy,
and sing in glad chorus,
but I will have no part,
In being Chuck Norris.

Yeah, so this is a filler, and only the silly people who facebook pranked me will understand this. And if you don't, you're probably better off not knowing.

Silly thing about me: I spent about 40 mins before writing this looking at the several silly videos posted on the pranksters walls.... It was seriously a waste of time. But there were a number of laughs.

Silly thing about the pranksters: You have no idea what is coming. :D

Love you all!!!!


  1. Just curious: is that a threat?
    Because I would like to make it perfectly clear that I had no part in this. I just tried to stop them from introducing johnny to that silly song.
    [Sorry guys :P]

  2. You're right ruth, we should have shown him this:

  3. It's kind of disconcerting how much it looks like that is what she is actually saying....
    Also, I wasn't going to say it, but I thought it only right to admit: You got me with that one.

  4. AWESOME POEM!!! go richarrrdd!!!! the poem doth rocketh and we love you too. and andrew, i saw that coming so booyah on ruth!

  5. note well johnny: that is how not to ruin a surprise :P