Monday, May 23, 2011

Today is Monday - Adri

Yaaayyy, ok, so did you know that we've been keeping the quote book full of funny things since 2006? That's FIVE YEARS!! Isn't that awesome?! So, today, my blog is a tribute to that awesomeness.
Here are some of my favorites ^^ feel free to post own  :D

Richard (while driving): Is it appropriate etiquette to flash someone... (long pause) um... with your lights?
Joseph: Only in France Richard.

And still Andrew’s Eagle Project. Adrianna and Johnny had been singing for quite some time.
Dad: Will you two be quiet?
Richard: You can’t get them to stop singing. It’s like asking birds not to fly You have to break their wings.

Adrianna and I were talking on her gchat. Dakota wanted to check his email on her laptop.
Adrianna: send him an email really quick
 me: what about?
 Adrianna: anything
 me: anything?
 Adrianna: send him a funny picture
I sent him a picture of a kid stuck in a toilet. Dakota thought it was hilarious. Adrianna looked at the picture, then at Dakota.
Adrianna: Hey koda, if I clean the toilet...
Dakota: No!!! No, no no!

Adrianna (to Ruth): I’m not mature enough for you to have a relationship.

Jyna: There are only two things I ask Ruth: ‘Are you decent?’ and  ‘Did you just wake up from a nap?’



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