Friday, May 20, 2011

Sorry I am late

I had the intention of posting yesterday but alas I did not. And so I'm posting now! (I'm sorry Joseph, I don't mean to distract from your post).
So as you know I am in NYC because sadly the beastmobile is no more, and yesterday I had an interview for an internship with the River Project, a nonprofit that works with research and environmental education on the ecosystems in the Hudson River. I have the internship, I just need to wait for their further instructions via email. My interviewer showed me the wet lab, where they keep some fish, seahorses, oysters, etc. in a tank system where water is brought in from the Hudson and then put back out. They even had a pregnant male seahorse! Anyway, I'm really happy I got this opportunity.
Wednesday Olivia and I were walking around the city when we stopped by a British store. It was sooo cool. There were two older gentlemen having tea on a table there talking with british accents about how one of them was going to visit England for three weeks. Unfortunately I couldn't find much tea but there were a bunch of weird brands of things, a bunch of crackers, and all the potato chips had weird flavors (the most normal was sour cream and onions. There was also mature cheddar and red onions and even prawn flavored ones). There was also canned haggis, which is minced sheep heart, liver, and lungs, and vegetarian haggis, which I have no clue what that is like. Olivia and I got a potato, cheese and onion wrapped sort of like a turnover that was really good.
Today Olivia got me some "dynamite" pickles from the farmer's market, which are these really spicy really good pickles. Needless to say I am happy.


  1. It's good to hear from you! You're alive! (Some members of the extended family had been wondering... :)

  2. vegetarian haggis: heart of an artichoke, head of lettuce, kidney beans, and ah, liver.. of fish Veggies can eat fish right? :D