Saturday, May 28, 2011



So here I am in Charlottesville. I really enjoy my apartment. Biking to work and back is also nice.

I spend a lot of my time working at the library. So much that I've been thinking about making a business card with "Bibliotecario Universitario", simply because it sounds so cool. Although I've heard that in a few countries, they say "bibliotecólogo".
We had a small sea, or possibly a medium-sized great lake, of books to shelve at the end of the semester, with students and professors bringing in carloads of books, some of which they'd had checked out continuously for years, and dumping them in the bookdrops. So we sorted, scanned and shelved, and shelved some more. Then there was a moment's reprieve, after which we had graduation, which brought another great lake of books. Oh, did I mention? The elevator is broken. During finals, elevator use spikes almost as high as sleep deprivation rates. Unused to the heavy load (you think that UVA jogging addicts don't weigh much until you pack 12 of them in one elevator), the poor elevator starts to complain. It does so by continuing to accept passengers, but not always letting them out. At least, not right away. So they shut down the elevator, and we take some of our books down by hand, and the rest we cart over to the neighboring Alderman Library, use their elevator to bring carts of books down several flights, then bring them back to our library via the secret underground tunnels.

In my other job at Hereford, I work mostly in gardening, and it's been nice and rewarding as well. I planted some melons the other day.

Check out this link: if you want to see a bit about some of the stuff we're doing.

Today (Saturday) I got a call from a friend and heard that Jill, one of the people I home teach, was in a car accident. Holland (one of my roommates, he's a great guy) took me over to the ER, and then to Jill's apartment. She was shaken up, but is doing well and is still cheerful. Please keep her in your prayers. The car might have been totaled, but hopefully, it'll be fixable.

Love you all and hope you all enjoy your memorial day weekend to its fullest.


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