Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Remembering Wednesday

Well, I wrote this on Monday so I wouldn't forget yesterday.... oops.

Andrew don't feel obligated to put off your post, just cause i can't remember mine.... if it's up for five mins before being replaced, it's only cause i can't seem to remember days...

It is Wednesday isn't it? (not any more...)Actually I'm haven't done the greatest job of posting lately.... Ok, enough with the self serving understatements.... This is the first post since March!

As is often the case with my posts, this is a once off stream of consciousness rough draft with not so much as a thesis in mind as I type.

For starters--In some ways this is a transition time for our family. So many people are off on a new phase of their lives this summer or at the end of it.

Joseph: I hope your summer in Charlottesville goes as planned and even better.

Ruth: Job searching can be fun... and I mean that with every bit of irony I can muster. As you already know, finding a good fit and being happy is important along with making sure you have a full stomach.

Andrew: I'm excited about your scholarship, and hope that one of the internship works out the way you would like.

Adrianna: Switching to UCA--and Nursing! or Maybe (but probably not) taking a semester off to work? I'm really wanting to see UCA's answer....soon!

Richard: Your mission call should be coming any time. See Adri's last sentence above :) No... not litterally... take out UCA and liken it unto yourself. Missions aren't perfect--'cause people aren't. But the opportunity to serve others is certainly more than worth it.

Johnny: UVA! I knew the decision was close, but my reads on your leanings seemed to indicate otherwise. So... are you a trend bucker because the facebook poll said UNC, or a trend follower with family ties.... My take? neither one. Like Chuck Norris, trends are irrelevant to you. Others start trends in ATTEMPTING to follow you. (Does Chuck even know the word irrelevant? I'm not sure, but Johnny does.)

In short, I love all of you and am proud of the good things you are doing. I'm missing all of you already, but time marches on. I hope it ends up being possible for us all to work out a little time together this summer.

Me: Looking for a job (see Ruth above and apply to me).... Lease at this house is up this summer as well... will be in Dobson through summer at least...

On to lighter things! (I know this is backwards from the normal.)

Oh... lets just save the lighter things for next post!


  1. Speaking of mixing up the days, I checked on the blog to see if Joseph had posted yet because I was convinced today was Friday...

  2. Oh... and Andrew... I clearly wrote this before you called about volunteering at the Game Farm :) Hope you enjoy both it and WV!