Friday, June 3, 2011

Is it Thursday? No? Well this isn't Andrew either.

I apologize that Andrew hasn't been updating here on the blog. I try to urge him to do it, but he ends up groaning, rolling over, and returning to pokemon. Not that this is a bad thing, because we now have 368 out of 408!

Andrew has adjusted very well to life in New York City. We have gone to different parks and to Governor's Island, and to DUMBO a couple times to see some poetry readings. We also got a folding bike
(named Charley, if you can figure out what he is name after I will give you a dollar hint: Capcom Video game). We've biked up and down the island, and when we went to Coney Island for my interview at the Aquarium, and wandered around the beach and got hit on by a Russian girl. We wanted to get some Mango on a stick, but unfortunately we had no cash.

For Memorial Day weekend, we went to Stan's house
(My mom's BF) in Catskill, NY. We got to see Zozo, who LOVES Andrew! It was really cute to see them play together, all three of us had a lot of fun.

Also, Andrew and I have been cooking up a STORM! We have made: Fresh Pasta for Ravioli (Ricotta, spinach, and sun dried tomatoes inside); Gnocchi with Andrew's awesome tomato sauce and my awesome basil and aged Gouda pesto; Honey ginger Semifreddo; Andrew made and Awesome Apple Tart; Fresh Cranberry Kisiel with a honey Whipped Cream; A from scratch Margarita Pizza; Mexican Rice with Yezmin and Tostadas; Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls; Alfredo with Rotini; Linguini with a cracked pepper, garlic and butter sauce, with a fried egg, fresh cilantro and a baked Parmesan disk; a Rhubarb and Apple Compote and Strawberry Shortcake.

Yeah. We've been gourmet-ing it up!

Food accomplishments aside, we are going to Governor's Island again because Andrew is working one of the World Science Festival events! He gets to go on the VIP ferry!! He's going to be side by side with some highly respected scientists! My mom is SO proud. And so am I! and so are you! And I JUST got hired myself for an internship (like just now)! I will be working at Tungsten Properties, a Boutique Brokerage in Soho!

Andrew really wants to see Book of Mormon the Musical, so I hope we can do that this summer, but it will be expensive so probs not :/

There is a lot of fun ahead of us! Come visit us if you can! (preferably later in July when this place will be less crowded).



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