Friday, June 3, 2011

A Little Free Food


So this morning started today, and I got ready and biked on a borrowed bike to the library, where I whipped out the Presta Valve inner tube I purchased on a rapid bike-in bike-store perusal on my lunch break. The bike store turned out to be pretty nice, with friendly people who actually give you the products you want when you give them money for said products. So at the library this morning (after having whipped out the inner tube as previously mentioned) I took off my back tire, replaced the inner tube, and inflated it, put it back into the frame and adjusted my brakes before taking off to return the borrowed bike and begin work at 8:30.

Work at the garden was nice. We’ve been making and installing wood trellises with nylon netting. The trellises are for climbing plants, like cucumbers, and for the tomato plants as well.

Today turned out to be a bit of a free food day (hooray!). Probably because there are some alumni events and open houses going on this weekend. While I was working the front desk at Clemons, a faculty member came up and gave us a tray of cupcakes, saying that their movie viewing group hadn’t finished them off. Later, a coworker of mine went to greenberry’s (local cafe/baked goods thingy), and they gave her a bunch of bagels they hadn’t sold that they were going to toss.

So Free Food! Huzzah!

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