Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hullo all!

Today is Adri's birthday
(Pahhy berfday!!!)
Not only do we celebrate her birth,
but also her good choice in foods
and friends (aka family :D)

By the end of the week, most of us family will be meeting
either in DC on Saturday
for the Temple
or Delaware at a similar time.
I am very excited to see all of you :D
(I've gotten tired of having
only 5 of us at the house....
things can occasionally get
Not that a little quiet's bad, but a lots o' family's good :D
srry 'bout the grammer and
slingin' apostrophies
Oh, and I'm trying to figure out what would be
yummies for my birthday dinner.
Any suggestions?
So far, I've thought rice of some sort,
possibly pokumpap with sweet&sour chicken
though it has just occurred to me that
Brazilian would be cool
(Whoa! I totally haven't annouced this!
[though I bet everyone knows...
{but just in case}])
I am serving in the Brazil Londrina Mission,
reporting October 19th,
Portuguese speaking!
Yeah, I've known for a while
but never posted it
until now.
Pahhy Berfday Adri!!!
Silly me: Didn't post about my mission until a month+ later
Silly Ruthie: will be appaulded at my grammer and spelling

Love each of you :)

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