Friday, June 10, 2011

Andrew forgot again!

Sorry, Andrew forgot another Thursday. He told me to briefly update you on things as he rushed out to work today.

Andrew has been loving working at The River Project, and is doing a lot of hands on things that he absolutely loves. Everyday he comes home with interesting facts! It is so cool to have seen him grow from when he would shrug when he said he wanted to be a Vet to holding his head up high and being excited when he says he wants to be a Wildlife Conservationist.

Andrew has also been writing and reading a lot lately, and has just started The Things They Carried. He has also come a long way writing wise, as we all know that his stories weren't good at all until he took Tracy's classes.

Our food advetures have also been continuing. Today for his lunch I baked an egg inside a tomato with basil, onion, and garlic, which I then garnished with sharp cheddar. My objective is to make cool lunch food for Andrew! This is the second work day I've successfully made him a cool vegetarian lunch!

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Pokecount: Seen: 148 Obtained:401
Gotta Catch them all!!

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