Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dee-lish (Not Jellyfish)

I know I talk about food a lot in my posts. But really, it makes sense because I spend a lot of time thinking about, talking about, and eating, food in real life. So really, it should just make you guys feel like you're actually with me, right?

Well, we (Dad, Adrianna, Johnny and I) got back from Delaware early early this morning. When we woke, we discovered we had no eggs, milk, or bread in the house (as we didn't buy groceries before we left because we would be gone for a week). So Adri and I raided the fridge. We found: half a stick of pepperoni, some sausage, a mismatch of mostly empty bags of cheese, and some frozen meatballs leftover from spaghetti the Thursday before we left. We took all of these somewhat dubious ingredients and combined them to make something amazing.

I had never made stromboli before, but let me just say: Adrianna and I make delicious stromboli. Really. Why have I not done this sooner?

In other news, I reread the Dubliners over break (Sigh....I love James Joyce). Johnny is leaving for his High Adventure trip tomorrow morning. Adrianna starts orientation for her job on Wednesday. Richard is at Gma Mary's and Gdad Tom's, but will return to us shortly. Hm... Anything else?

I love you all!

Also: Ryan Renolds. I DISAPPROVE.

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