Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grandparent Tuesday!

Hello all.

The little guy
in the back of my head,
who often makes a teeerrible
popped up and said
"Dear Richard,
you silly little tot
today is your post day,
and here you've forgot.
Ruthie had reminded you,
and I do again.
Post and talk to your
or things won't go well...ian."

And so, despite the terrible rhyme,
I listened to the little man,
and have come this time,
at 11:fifty-some-odd,
to post and say hallo,
and offer you marsh-mallooo.

Sadly, I have no marshmellows.
But I do have wonderful news.
IT'S Granddad Tom's Birthday!!! Wooot!!!
(That is to say, now that it's Wednesday June 29th, 12:12 AM)
Happy birthday Granddad :)
You and Grandma are the bomb,

(A good thing

according to today's jargon

[of being one, not having one])
and will continue to be so.

In fact, this post ought to be didicated to our awesome grandparents.
Granddad and Grandma Glass :D
Granddad and Grandma Brock :D
Granddad and Grandma Kelly :) (who have already passed onward)

Without these wonderful Grand people :D, we wouldn't physically be here,
and even if we could have, our lives wouldn't be nearly as
sweet and yummy-food-filled as they are.

From financial help to calming smiles to funny jokes, you've
been a great blessing to all of us.

We love you.

I know we can all approve of this,
so not only is my named signed
hereon, but that of your many grandchildren
who agree.

Silly me: Ate ice cream a little bit ago
Silly Granddad and Grandma: Ate some with me :D

Love you all bunches
(grandparents especially!)

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