Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things that make you go Hmmm Tuesday

beyond this introduction,
you can
follow the post by reading the left;
the right side only has unne-cess-ary
but funny comments.
A lot of things happen
that really seem unplanned.

Adri just gave me a carrot slice
and some ranch
twice :D
She may have planned this, but for me,
it seemed as almost randomly that I received
unexpectedly ranch and carrots.
How awesome is that?
It's like:
Surprise! Life is
wowing, bringing things like
carrots and ranch from
unexpected sources
thrice :D
It adds some of the interesting flavor to
life when things come without our direct
planning of them.

I was going to say that
not everything in life is carrots
and ranch,
but I would assume you know that.

But eventually, we get to know that
things will come. After the second time,
the third time Adri gave me carrots and
ranch was less unexpected.
Sadly though, the plate lays empty
behind me,
so I can guess there's no more
ranch and carrots for me.
But ah!
How sweet the thought comes
to know that carrots and ranch
need not be brought by others
hands, but that I may make
its yumminess myself!
The power of me!
I forgot where I was going
(Johnny distracted me with old emails from Granddad)
They were really funny
And then some things just work out
Some don't, I'm sure we all know
But I've seen a number of things turn out
and some seemed only coincidence
but it was perfectly timed,
like some really nice guy figured
it all out, and
thought it would be a treat,
that we would really like
ranch and carrots every once in a while.

Silly me: I fed Adri's fishes for a few days a week ago.
Apparently I gave them a week's worth
in one setting
They looked sooo happy though!!!!
Silly somebody: Did something silly
Actually, I just couldn't think
of something,
and its Ruthie's Birthday,
and I'm supposed to be gone.

Love you all!!
and you all love me :D

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