Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hello everyone,
I am back! And I have things to say to you all!

First order of business: Overwrought apology

I-am-so-sorry-I-am-such-a-slacker-sister/daughter-and-have-not-posted-in-more-weeks-than-I-care-to-admit-please-don't-hate-me-I-love-you (sad face)! While this whole blog thing is supposed to be "no stress" and all, I still want those of you who are currently not living with me to know what's going on in my life. I also want to be a somewhat reliable sibling. So, I will start by posting this before midnight (what?! Yes, I do do things before midnight on occasion).

Second order of business: Describe my week

This past week was kind of busy, what with a birthday on Tuesday, road trip on Wednesday, concert on Thursday, Johnny's graduation on Friday, and the fiasco yesterday. I will now break each of these down for your convenience.
Tuesday was the entirely non-momentous day which marked extremely momentous day on which I entered and left the birth canal about twenty-two years ago. To celebrate, I laid around, read, and ate. I even suspended job searching for the day. It was amazing. Also, everyone made me delicious food and trifle.
Wednesday I drove up to Richmond to visit Christine. Ethel had a little trouble starting at one of the gas stations, but this really awesome old guy offered me a jump, and when that didn't work he hooked one end of the jumper cables to the battery and the other end right next to the starter, and she started!
Thursday morning Christine and I drove to Manassas to see Zoe and Jyna. We went to the Farmer's Market and walked around old town, looking through used bookstores. Christine and I then said goodbye to everyone and drove up to Columbia to see a concert.
Friday, I drove from Richmond to Charlottesville, to Dobson. Johnny graduated! He is so old now.
Yesterday was busy with many people over, because Mason wanted to throw Johnny a party. We ate a lot and played a lot of games.
And today is Mumsy's birthday! Happy birthday!!!!! :)

Third order of business: Closing

Andrew, Joseph, and Mumsy, I miss you guys!
And I love all of you,


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  1. Ethel is having problems again? hmm that is no good. Is she still doing the same thing or is it something different now? I have a present for you I will just have give it to you when I get back ^_^ I hope job searching is going well! love you