Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tonight was a momentous night

I almost won Settlers! (I've never won before.)
I had nine points, Joseph had eight, and Jordan (first time player) had eight. Then Jordan stole back his longest road from me and promptly finished off the game.
Oh well.
We got here (in Delaware) around 2:30 this afternoon, explored the house for a bit, an unpacked before heading down to the beach to wade in the waves. Dinner was lasagna (yum). Overall, we have just been hanging out playing games, nothing too crazy. Adri and I played pool (or perhaps more accurately played at pool, as we followed absolutely no rules, not even regular turns) and foosball (she won, by a lot).
The house is pretty nice, but doesn't have internet. I am currently sitting in the driveway with Tennie perched on the truck, mooching off of neighbors' signals. Hopefully we'll be able to access it frequently enough to stay up to date.
It's nice to see all the family here, but of course we still miss you Andrew and Mumsy.

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