Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Running Tuesday - richardo

So, I started today considering posting early, since every post I've read has been put up after I go/am getting to bed. But, I didn't get up as early (8:30ish) and my class was at 11(I know right?! I'm so happy), and I had some stuff to do before. But, starting later means finishing later as well (like, 11AM-8PM, with a 3 and half hour break between) ; so basically, I've been running since then. Which explains the title.
So, I'm debating between a few formats.
I know I will try to have something silly at the end about someone else, and also something silly about myself. But other than that....
Possibly just mentioning from the week things that remind me of you guys individually (e.g.: hey, we drew in class today; that reminds me of how awesome Johnny is at drawing. Or: I saw this really cool but creepy animal in flight on the way to my 6 o'clock class; that reminded me of Andrew, the bird boy. OR: I saw a bald guy, that reminded me of.... yeah, you get the picture.)
The second idea was that I just write out a snippet each day of something on my mind, a setting in a class, etc; such that you guys get a clear picture of my week and how cool/busy I am.
To be honest, I think I'll end up doing both.
 I'll probably come up with a systematic way of doing it if I ever get around to that.
Or maybe I'll just end up doing rando like most.
But just send suggestions if there's one you prefer, or there's something interesting you don't want to use but would like to see how it works; I'll try it out.
So, the funny thing about someone else is located above. The funny thing about me is that I walked into my room after my last class at 8 PM, and found a plastic rice bowl piggy bank on my desk.
Also, I discovered that I have a ton of shoes. Like 9 pairs, including slippers and shower flops. I'm betting that's more than Ruth and Adri combined. I only wear about 4 on a weekly/daily basis
I should be posting in the early mornings assuming I can wake up by then.
Luvs you guys
Until we meet again
(Oh, and I'll try to have a different departing phrase each post :)
 (BTW, I was just kidding about the bald guy)


  1. Hey I have hair! or were you talking about Joseph?

  2. What kind of flying animal was it?

  3. Twas a joke Dad :D
    Sorry Andrew, part of the creepiness was that it was really dark, and I had no idea what it was. The outline looked suspiciously birdlike, but I distinctly saw its legs not-so-tightly tucked under it....

  4. Actually, I'm not sure that is nine more than Adri and I combined. I have four pairs of shoes (if you count my old ratty tennis shoes i keep for work shoes). And I know Dri has at least five pairs, probably more (let's see: black sandals w/ heel, brown heels, black shiny heels, her tennis shoes, at least one pair of flip flops,... yeah, that's five).

  5. still, kinda sad if you ask me

  6. Alright guys, I've got exactly 8 pairs of shoes, (good memory though ruth)and no flip flops :( My last pair broke, and since it's cold i just haven't bought new ones...t'will be remedied! Also, I'm looooving this blogging thing so far ^^

  7. oh, i forgot your gladiator shoes! Go kill a lion!

  8. aaaannd, i just noticed this. Richard, dear, you spelled your name incorrectly. It spelled R-i-c-a-r-d-o..... I can't believe you didn't know that...

  9. The right-justification deal makes it sound like you're taking
    slight pauses in the middle of your

  10. i just saw your comment ruth! and i think i like it!! watch out lions! dri has come to slay you!!...bahahahaha

  11. right-justification? as in the right-alignment? I am not sure I have ever heard it put that way

  12. right-justify: http://webstyleguide.com/wsg2/type/align.html