Monday, January 31, 2011

Blurb ---------------------- Dri

So, with Ruth’s wonderful introduction I’ll start a real blog post… yup… but seeing how I’ve never really followed or written a blog, this is now a post whatever(almost anyway) you want to session. YAY! (Also, ruth, or anybody else for that matter, this is a no judgement of grammar zone ^_^ got it?) Since this is a post whatever I want to session, I will just post about the most recent dilemma of my life. Foreign Language. I can’t make up my freaking mind about what language I want to want to learn next semester!! It’s a throw down between Mandarin, German, and continuing French. Decisions, bllaaahhh. And, since I can’t decide which to choose, I’m making a good old fashion pros and cons list.
Pros: most widely spoken language in the world (source: lots of internet sites)
probably more opportunity to speak with a native speaker than german or French
super cool character alphabet thingy 
Cons: probably much harder to learn than a romance language

Pros: I am of German Ancestry
I get to say things like schnitzel
Cons: uummm…

Pros: I already know a wee bit of it
It sounds preeettyyy 
Cons: I took French in highschool and a semester in college, so tis a little old

Sooo, this was actually only a throwdown between german and Chinese…go figure. If you guys come up with any pros or cons or interesting facts about any of these languages put them in the thingy or jet me an email and help me decide.  yay!!Preview


  1. I think Mandarin sounds fun, but also like a lot of work. Fluency takes a long time.
    German could be pretty cool and supposedly has a lot of similarities with English (considering English is a Germanic language and all).
    I would give you my opinion on French, but considering I dropped Spanish for Italian, I think we all know how I feel about the variability factor.
    Also, I like the new font!

  2. German to the MAX. DO IT.

    Also, what is that link at the end of your post? I clicked it but it didn't work :(

  3. I actually don't have any clue as to what it is... how strange...

  4. You guys stay up late! Hmm..-your pros and cons list-- German Con: always sound like you have a cold.

    Really depends on what you want to do with it. Chinese is probably more marketable. German definitely easier. You can learn either one you really want to and it'll be fine.

  5. Oh... another pro with German: Geneology