Monday, February 28, 2011

Picture time! - Dri

Ok, so I've finally got pictures from the chivalry promenade (the dance i went to a couple of weeks ago :D) It was super fun!

I'm really glad I went ^^ 

And, Moving on, I'm pretty excited for the possibility of a DC trip this spring break! I've really been wanting to go to the zoo. Not too much has been happening this week, and I apologize for the briefness of this post, but I really need to be studying for exams this week. I promise I'll be back to cool stuff for next time.

One last thing, JOHNNY YOU'RE AMAZING!!! Second in the State!! aawwweessooommmeee :D



  1. I wonder how it feels to be the only black guy at these things.

  2. apparently not terribly bad... I don't think I could get a picture with two girls at a dance :D

  3. Thank you Adri!!!! Woot woot! and huzzah for spring break! I had nooo idea wen you guys were having spring break until today :P