Friday, February 18, 2011

Hurried things of text

Hello one and All!

A strange force of nature seems to be waylaying me at the library on Friday evenings. I was not even going to work today, according to my plans since Monday. I had requested and received today off in order to take care of some planned activities, and so was planning on making a nice video entry for you all to see and enjoy.

This did not happen.

After concluding my business around 4:30 pm, I got home and noticed that a co-worker had sent out an email requesting help. He was sick, and needed someone to take over his shift. Since I had finished most of what I needed to do,I told him I could pick his hours up.

So from 5 to 6 I ran a few miles (I need to tell my body it's time to get in gear and learn to do some long distance running. I guess being a little low on blood doesn't help. The bloodmobile was here the other week.)

After that, I showered and came to work. Then I start going through my to-do list and homework, and I start working on this blog post, when I see one of the internships on my list is really really promising and would be a great opportunity for me to work and do research over the summer here at Charlottesville.

So I started filling out the application, and sending a letter asking for my excellent TA from last semester to be a reference. I spoke to my boss here at the library and got his permission. I also started scoping out a place to live.

Don't worry, I hadn't forgotten you all. I left an hour to write my post.

You guessed it. Something else happened.

But it was something cool!

a friend came by and we talked about religion and god, and it was a very thought provoking and interesting discussion. (It's friday night, no one is here checking books out, so the discussion was uninterrupted)

But now it's 11:55.

Thanks for being forgiving and patient in advance!

Love Joseph

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