Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Thinking Tuesday

The above is a whole, unified sentence; that is to say, it is not "I'm thinking" Tuesday, but rather, "I'm thinking Tuesday", as though someone just asked me a question, and my response is "Probably Tuesday".
But I have been thinking.
About people.
And walking past them.
Sounds strange, I'm sure, for many townies, but for students, you walk past lottts of people in hallways, on sidewalks.
In fact, I have a huge allegory concerning sidewalks. But that's for another time.
I tend to think about what I'm doing when I do it. Like walking, staring at sidewalks, eating food, and so forth.
I've had discussions with various psychology experts (aka Joseph), and apparently I'm not the only one who wonders about this phenomenon.

So, I'm walking across the bridge over Emmet Street, on the right side of course, because we're American.
To my left,
In the opposite direction,
Comes a person.
Whatever kind of person you want to imagine.
There are a few conditions that can exist
and a few choices of what to do:
-Both of us have phones out, or some other diversion,we pass by completely ignoring each other besides ensuring that physics remains true (No two objects can occupy the same space at the same time)
-- I feel bad about completely ignoring the world around me
- One of us has a phone, book, etc, and so acts as though we both do. The second person, usually me, without any cool gadget, looks to the right as if a cool bird has just flown by, or straight forward as if I'm trying to catch a bunny that is 4 meters before me, and if I break eye contact, it'll get away.
-- Not much to say on this one.
- Neither of us have book, cell phone, etc, and we both look to the really cool bird that flew to our right, meanwhile ignoring the really cool bird the other person has seen to their right. Either that, or we are staring down that bunny we're trying to get to.
-- Not much better than the others.
- We do/n't have things to do, and we look up as we pass by.
-- I'm usually for this one.

Every now and then I know the person.
Then the question is if they recognize me.... :D

I'm not sure what to draw from this. Something to think about.

Silly thing about me: So, I went to get breakfast at 10:30
and was surprised to find the dining hall closed until 10:45.
And then I remembered: I was surprised about this last week....
And the week before that :D

Silly thing about someone else:
My physics professor seriously reminds me of an aged version of Thomas Church from "George of the Jungle"
Yeah. But turns out his name is Donald Day. So nope....

Love you all family, and I hope all is well. :D
Lemme know if its not
and we'll see if we can't fix that

Buenas nachos al mundo


  1. What about when, if for some strange reason like saturn's at a 35.2 degree angle or something, both people make eye contact?

  2. Most certainly not. When Saturn is at a 35.2 degree angle, the bridge over Emmet street is set to explode.

  3. hmmmm, good question. Ruth's probably right, but in the case that some strange "or somethings", they'd probably just keep walking as usual.
    Unless the bridge was exploding...

  4. Ha ha! Looks like you know how to survive in NYC Richard. I grew up never looking people in the eye for fear of offending someone. But when I came down to North Carolina, people politely greeted you in the street! If someone politely greats you in the streets, they just want to know where you got your shoes or marry you (trust me, I know).