Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wazzupp. <(")

Heya peoples. Dis is my vlog and if any of you are familiar with facebook chat, the icon in my title is definitely a penguin.

Imma teh one with the gray tshirt..... Sicko Sgori is the one holding the poster.
 The video is in poor quality :-/ the video convertemabob wasn't good, so in the future I will be sure to post in higher quality. For the time being you may see it in crap quality.... and my crappy wrestling cus all I did was a half and didn't even use his legs which wudve taken care of it a lot faster :P

-Johnny G


  1. yeah i tried uploading the video twice... but it still lags..... X_X grrrrrrrrrr

  2. ok, look here mister, I didn't get it all screwed up... I just didn't know that regionals stuff existed... and you have kick butt wrestling and guitar skills!!! :D

  3. yeaah not knowing about regionals is "all screwed up" XD yaaaay gratzi. even though that match was actually pretty bad :P

  4. Yes! My taste in music is slowly pervading the entire world! (or perhaps just our family)
    btw, awesome job johnny.