Sunday, February 13, 2011

Now you know

So, first things first: I have a fever.
["Did you know that" Ruth edition for the day: A fever of over 107.6 can cause brain damage?
Now you know!]

I'm sure in the past most of you have heard my description of what I call the dead-rodent disease. I do not have the dead-rodent disease. This time around, it's the shovel-cough flu. I do not tell you this for pity, but rather to excuse whatever it is that comes out as a post for this week. I assure you that were I more lucid.... this would make more sense or something.

But enough about that.

This semester I have discovered the joy of the credit/no credit option. For those of you as of yet insensible to this miracle, taking a class credit/no credit means you get credit for the class without a grade, so it doesn't affect your gpa. It allows you to enjoy a potentially difficult and time-consuming class (i.e. Advanced Italian II), while still being able to prioritize classes that may not be as hard but are more important for your course of studies (e.g. Infant Development). I have to say, I think this is absolutely brilliant. Especially as I crank out an Italian paper doped up on cough medicine. It's a good thing this paper is graded on how well I write in Italian, rather than content. Otherwise, I might be in trouble.

On a slightly tangential, but rather necessary, note: Adrianna and Johnny both requested that I approach the topic of what will happen when someone misses a post. Both think there should be a punishment involved. Personally, I'm for nothing happening. I mean, we all get busy/forget/have nothing interesting to post some days. But, as is democratic, I thought we should bring it up here and vote. It's also probably better if we approach this as a hypothetical situation, rather than a "what should we make Johnny do" situation. But, whatever floats your boat I guess. Leave your suggestions in the comments and we'll draw up a poll or something. Remember, be merciful! It could happen to you!



  1. I vote we let him keep his head. (Yes, I mean this in a completely hypothetical way.) Since we are all likely to miss SomeTime, eventually we would run out of people to perform the actual decapitations...

  2. NNoooooooo!!! ideas: make-up tutorial, bake and elaborately decorate a cake while wearing an extremely feminine apron or dress while talking in a russian accent, get your eyebrows waxed by a professional, these next two are borrowed from the vlogbrothers and they're mean ^^ --> wax your legs, or eat a blenderized happy meal (everything, including the drink link here:

    and of course, any punishment would have to be documented on video

  3. I also think we should add an animal licking to any punishment we choose ^^

  4. Your fever isn't 107 is it????

  5. I have an extremely boring punishment in mind. The offender must write an extra blogpost, which will be sent to the administrator and archived. In the event of future disruptions in the posting schedule, this archived post will be instated by the administrator as a method of last resort to maintain the stability and integrity of this system.

  6. that's not a punishment.... he must be PUNISHED!!!!

  7. Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.... I know you all are just having fun... so am I... but some people are already masochistic enough without help.

  8. His punishment should be visiting Guilford.