Thursday, February 17, 2011


Olivia brought the message to Spring Garden Meeting Sunday. She did amazing. She talked about the importance of faith and doubt, questioning and exploring, as well as the subway and gardens. Apparently she came at exactly the right time because one of the kids there was asking about questions at the first day school.
Olivia also sprained her ankle. We were goofing off on the way to Harris Teeter and she tripped. It was pretty bad. The Guilford nurse (the health center has really inconvenient hours, 9-4, and is at the edge of campus) thought it might be a hairline fracture and so Olivia got it x-rayed. It's just a pretty bad sprain.
This weekend I am going to the Outer Banks! It's the ornithology field trip and I am excited.
I've submitted my abstract for the Guilford Undergraduate Symposium, in which next Friday a partner and I will explain our chemistry research last year.
I also have a cold sore, which sucks.
I got my voice recorder.
I am now an editor for the Greenleaf Review now!
With that list of what's happened this week there's now background for what I am going to say:
I am tired.
And my article comes out tomorrow!
I've been reading Walden recently, and it is interesting. Thoreau doesn't have the easiest style of writing, so it's slow going.
I've realized what I am currently describing myself as: religious environmentalist.


  1. Yay outerbanks! Make sure to bring a cooler, just in case :P
    Is this article that is coming out the one about Australia?
    Also, yes, Thoreau is slow going...

  2. oooooooooohhhhhhhhh... googled it :D

  3. Nah, this article is about Jeannette Walls. The one I am writing currently is the Australia one.

  4. Can Olivia walk ok yet, or does it look like it will be awhile?

  5. She's getting better. She can walk and even could skip today.