Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a Thursday

Tonight I get to hear Jeannette Walls, a prior gossip journalist for MSNBC and the award winning author of Glass Castle, which has been on the New York Times' Bestsellers list for three years and is named one of the best books of the decade, speak. And I am the one who gets to write an article about her! It's really nerve-racking though, knowing you're going to be the one writing about a super famous super awesome journalist. Her life story is amazing too. You should check it out.
Two Hours Later.
I just got back from a small group session/talk thing and she is INCREDIBLE. So stay tuned for my story next week. But my article on Egypt comes out tomorrow.

I got my passport today too! I'm planning, if everything works out, hopefully hopefully to spend a summer of service in Kenya, so I can use my Bonner money to get the ticket, getting rid of a large chunk of the money needed for study abroad. And I'm up for two scholarships.

Olivia has a job for after graduation! It's doing Quaker youth counseling in Newfield, NY. Newfield is also right next to Ithaca, which has Cornell. Cornell has a program for a phd in Zoology and Wildlife Conservation, which, if I get into, I get a 97% chance that it will be paid for completely with a fellowship and then a stipend for living on top of that. It's a really good deal.

I've actually had a really bad beginning week. My emotions have been raw from my last post, I've almost missed assignments, luckily it seems to have worked out, and I would have gotten my passport yesterday but I forgot my driver's license amazingly. But things are looking better now. I've started going to GCRO (Guilford Council of Religious Organizations) and there's a baby shower for one of the Bonner's in my year Saturday.

In other news,

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  1. I guess I'll respond to this one in bursts since there are lots of subjects here.

    Looking forward to your article on Egypt. Congrats on the job Olivia!
    PHD paid for would be really really good.
    Glad things are getting better.
    And to take things out of order....I'll be really surprised if you don't really enjoy Kenya.

  2. ah! I've read that book! It was depressing. And good.
    (Glass Castles I mean :)

  3. Kenya!

    For some reason that Sim Safari game we used to play keeps popping into my head.
    Oh, and Kratts' Creatures

  4. ah! sim safari! i forgot about that game. Oh fond childhood memories!