Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not so running Tuesday - Richardo

Everyone else has had some really cool stuff
All covered with pictures and Youtube fluff.
I decided a more poetic approach to take.

So, now you all get to see it.
And no, this will not be changing to regular format. :D
I don't know that I will actually enact my previously posted plan.
I'm thinking spur of the moment works just fine.

In Lessons in Making, a hefty load class,
We are working on
blind contour,
and open contour drawing.
That's three.
And they are really cool;
But the problem is they take a while
And they don't look very pretty all of the time.

I'd rather not discuss and define each for you.
Besides, you can sort of tell by name.
But, I did want to tell you about how cool they are.

With blind contours, you try once...
And they look REALLY ugly.
Try them 10-15 more times on the same page,
and you get this really cool mesh of lines, intersecting,
and kind of creating a bunch of lines in relative same shape and relative proportion,
So, keep trying... over and over.

Gesture drawings are probably the most fun.
They take 30 sec-2 mins,
as compared to the 20-30 min blind contours.
You just quickly scratch out the basic premise
of the object and its axes.
Still, they usually aren't very magnificent.
But then, when you've done 20 or 30 tiny sketches
on one sheet of paper,
showing the various angles and movements of the object,
It can be revealingly cool.

Open contour is understated to my mind.
When I did it, I literally created dashed lines
in place of solid outline.
Nothing else.
But instead, you can create implied lines,
leave out sections or areas of the object,
and using perpendicular ones,
make an edge without a line.
This is where I say:
I'll do it over and over again
to later tell you how cool it is.
Or you can try it and tell me. :)

I know most of these probably
Don't make sense.
But that's ok.
Just try and try again.

Top: Open Contour Blind Contour
Bottom: Gesture

Silly thing about me today:
I got a purple bandage and
an orange t-shirt.

Silly thing about somebody:
Mr. Jefferson has
A tiny pink bust of himself.
I've seen it.
And drawn it.
Waaayyy too many
Bet that wasn't on
his list of how
others would remember

Please pursue the Three above as you wish.
They can take as much or as little time
as needed.
And be free to share
what you come up with :D

Luv you all family peeps.
- Richardo


  1. hmmm... this works out well :) I have mine for tomorrow just about ready and I sort of mentioned a little of everyone's post except Richard's... Now my cameo reference to Andrew's post is also a cameo reference to Richard's post.. :)

  2. btw... I can hear your voice as I read this particular post.