Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Enthusiasm and Time

It seems (unsurprisingly) that our enthusiasm for the Blog has diminished. No, I'm not saying that we don't care about it. I'm sure everyone enjoys reading it daily, or nearly daily. Still, the first post had something like thirty comments, and now we're down to a handful or less each time. Our posts started out witty, moved upward in complexity, then began incorporating video, and finally most of us are back to text we thought up that day as we typed... (or at least I am.)

This isn't meant to be disparaging, complaining, or even cynical. It is just the arc that most human endeavors follow. As the Koreans and Chinese would say: Dragon's head and snake's tail. Yes, I know that's not good English but it's good SinoKorean. (Yong du sa mi).

I guess my point is that most of life is not the flashiness of beginnings. It is simply continuing on in wise courses we have chosen, and making quite corrections when we find things on the wrong course. I'm enjoying the settled-down and comfortable progression of our blog and look forward to doing so for some time.



  1. hey this is a no grammar correction zone! ;) Adrianna said so and she's the queen! (uh... or at least she'll happily act like she is :) )

  2. Nothing to do with the post but I just found Richard's picture in the Mount Airy News:

    yes it is from a while ago.

  3. I agree about the slowing down thing, and I'm kind of glad. It means it's becoming part of our day-to-day routine. And I have to say, as of late, I very much like routines.

  4. We just don't seem to be commenting as much as we once did

  5. Hmm, I started trying to just get lots of comments on this, but I realized how many times I'd have to do this :D