Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sticky note Tuesday

Hello all!!!! Family and what other readers
there be. Today is sticky note Tuesday. As
a prelude, (stop looking at the right side,
unless you really want to try to read it...
and be cool) there is a video that may be
funny to watch before reading. Not a huge
prerequisite, but certainly an entertaining
one. Go to Youtube and type in
"Portal Still Alive Typography."
Now, if you've done that, continue. If you
didn't, no worries. Just skip down to the
next paragraph. This part won't make
much sense. So, for those who did watch, it
was not intentional that the very beginning
of the video be related to my post. But,
as it turns out, I'm making a note here:

Yes, I have found a huge success note;
some may know its basic form to be a
sticky note (such as the one featured in
the video for those who watched) But
what I really want to focus on is not the
note, but rather what is on post-it notes.

So, I always thought: I don't usually for-
get things. Especially when its an assign-
ment for a favor towards someone else.
And even when its a task I set myself to,
I don't forget. So, thought I:
I don't need post-it notes.

Thought 1: Valid true
Thought 2: Not valid true

Thought 1 Commentary
Basically, even when I don't forget, I easily
put off, minimize, or just tiptoe my brain
around the tasks I don't want to do/ don't
feel I have the time to do them.

So when today came, a 4-page paper came
as well. One that I had not started. That
was due. At 2 PM. Actually, I turned it in
at 5 PM. 2/3's of the way done. No credit
taken away for the time. Who knows how
much for the 1/3 missing.

I don't mention this because I am abasing
myself, or so Dad can start hyperventilating.
I just want to show how even really BIG
things, like a 4-page paper, can seem really
small when it isn't right in front of you.

Thought 2 Commentary
I need post-it notes. Why? Because it brings
things to mind. It's like a memorial. HEY,
FOR THAT CLASS. That kind of
a memorial.

More specific example:
I am not using physical sticky notes
right now. Instead, I have a computer app
that has virtual sticky notes on my desktop.
I have things I do daily, that haven't ingrained
themselves in my schedule. So I have a post-it
note for every day of the week. At the top are
those things I do each day. Below are some things
that are maybe for that specific day of the week,
or one timer event.

Now, I always hated schedules. If that's what
you like, by all means run with it. I just tend to
trip when it comes to schedules. Instead, I'll say
"I need to spend 2 hours on Lessons In Making
work today." Then, when I find myself without
class or dates (and those tend to take up time),
before I can run onto Facebook, I see my sticky
note. And I say, Gee, I probably should
start on that 4-page paper. And I do.

So, please sticky note. And not just to remember
things you have to do. Maybe put down a joke
you remember, or a really Ah ha! moment you
had. Sticky notes aren't just memorials of what
to do. They also work for what has been done.
Like a Huge Success. :D
And most importantly with sticky notes,
Try to make at least one note that makes you
Smile/laugh for the day :)

Silly things:
I was carrying a lamp desk to and from class
today. Yeah....

I can't think of something silly about someone
else. So just think about what silly thing you
Take note of it :D

Love all you family :D


  1. srry its really long looking. I did only use half the space, so its really half as long as it looks

  2. I love the post it note app. Maybe a bit too much actually. There are 18 on my desktop for now...

  3. hmm... this makes me think of a companion I had on my mission (in the stone age..EVEN.. before postit notes)

    Elder Crapps (real name) hated schedules too...and he didn't let the fact that postits hadn't been invented yet stop him... he simply took 8 1/2 x 11 paper and glue as a workaround. Soon every wall in our bedroom was covered with full size sheet reminder notes that were permanently glued on.

  4. I haven't even finished reading your post, but, OMGosh! not this song again...

  5. but i liked your post very much wee Ricardo ^^

  6. Huge Success!! even tho the song had hardly anything to do with the rest of the post :P... yeah im needing to make sticky notes... cus i need to catch up in my bio class :-/

  7. Johnny: sticky notes work as reminders. They remind you to get things done--not create time. They aren't anything like Hermione's Time Turner Device what you seem to need.