Monday, February 14, 2011

yay! day of luuvvvv (those are v's not w's) - Dri

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I'll edit later ^^

hey everybody!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!! If you want to know how I actually celebrated, Hailey and I ordered a heart shaped pizza, downed sparkling grape juice from the bottle, and watched the 3 musketeers!! yay!!! feel better ruth!!! and good luck at regionals johnny!! GO EGYPT!!!! :D Have a wonderful week everybody!!


  1. aagghh, sorry about the editing choppiness... I was running out of time

  2. Woa dri. Your hair is long...
    Yay for German! and fun.!
    Pride and prejudice was actually published in 1813, but Austen was writing in the 1790s. Her novel Lady Susan was written in 1794, but wasn't published until 1871.
    Also, don't feel pressured by Adri, guys. Do what you want. It is not lame to not be masochistic (agh! double negative!).
    And I am feeling better :)

  3. You are like a dog with a bone on this punishment thing!

  4. but what if we cant do video.... does that mean i cant get punished? :D