Monday, October 31, 2011

I have a Post! :D

Ok, so lately i've been having one of those periods in a college student's life where they've just gotten past midterms, and their grades weren't as good as the first exams, but not bad either. It's the period in between fall break and the third canon of exams. It's the period where I find myself with homework/ studying i need to do, but I say to myself, "it's fine! you've still got two weeks until your next exam!" and then I don't do it... yup, and then a week before the exam, said student will get depressed about how much they've procrastinated and then inspire themselves to study.....but then you find that you have a terrible desire to clean your room, and you don't end up studying until the night before the exam. yeah. I'm trying not to get caught in this terrible trap called procrastination.

So I did my algebra homework early! But is doing my homework early enough? no,
b/c i generally use my algebra homework as an excuse not to read my
chemistry textbook

So, what do i do now?
I'm going to try to lay down some guidelines to force a procrastinating college student to study:
{btw, this is based purely off of personal experience and may or may not relate to anybody else :D}

1)decide to want to do well in school!!! :D
2) go to a place (not your bed/dorm room) where it's quiet, where your not likely to see people you know, and where you don't have many distractions/temptations to allow you to further procrastinate. At UCA they have these tiny cells where i can make myself do work
3) stay away from all social networking sites. (i.e. facebook, twitter, tumblr) you may even need (in such cases as johnny's) to use your browser to block them, b/c the desire to update how studying is progressing may lead to a decrease in your productivity
4) make a plan. google calendars are very helpful. make goals for yourself and have planned study times in which you make yourself go your study place and complete your goals! :D
5) allow yourself to have plenty of time to waste on things like vlogbrothers, facebook, and other wasteful(but important) things :D b/c gone unheaded, the desire to do these things will become greater than that of the desire to study, and then you'll give in and fail at life.

And, if you're as good at this as I am, people will give you cups! :D


  1. I think they give everybody cups at the cafeteria... but I really like the post anyway. Keep at it!

  2. BTW What happened to our background??