Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wot wot?

What?! It's not friday! I'm 87% positive that it isn't friday!

So why is Joseph posting? Are the social contracts governing the blog decaying? Is civilization collapsing? Is this-  ANARCHY?

Heh, No.

Sillies, anarchy is where there is no law or order and everybody just does what they want. In our current situation, it's just me doing whatever I want.

And that's the difference.

Also the difference is that nobody really likes anarchy in real life and it's a sucky state for a  nation/city/state or city-state to be in, and I'm pretty sure that nobody minds me doing whatever I want (I sure don't). Oh, and me doing whatever I want is an awesome state for a nation/city/state or city-state to be in.

So, I haven't been heard from you all for some time via this medium. That is actually because I spent a crazily high percentage of recent Fridays IN YOUR PHYSICAL PRESENCE! That is to say, in the presence of a few of you. And the percentage actually isn't super high, but compared to the rest of the year, it's definitely a small record at least.

Anything you want to know guys? About me? Or just stuff in general, I guess, if you're less interested in me and more interested in general stuff. Like, hydroponics? Or psych things like motivation  and self-handicapping? Self-handicapping is a really intriguing process, it's where you do stupid things to prove that you fail not because you aren't smart/good/talented, but rather because you do stupid things. You've done it, I bet. I do it too! Though I'm trying to kick the habit.


I felt like a hang glider!

Me tired? How'd you guess?

I like TED talks. I remember thinking when I was younger that somebody should just talk about cool things and teach people all about them and put them on the internet.
And whadayaknow, they did!
But books are still cooler, even so.

I woke up this morning with a huge bump on the back of my head. Somewhat tender. No idea where it came from. Maybe I somehow smacked my head hard against my headboard (ha "headboard"). Yeah... Without... waking up? Or maybe so hard I stayed/was knocked unconscious.

Anyway, it is late in the particular time zone in which I reside so I will leave you all farewell, and take my bid of you.


p.s. I was Elphaba today

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  1. So precisely why and in what way were you the wicked witch of the west?