Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Making this Up as I Go Along

I don't remember how long ago it was the last time I posted. Sorry guys.

Richard is getting his final couple of things for his mission tomorrow--as long as we can find someplace local that sells V neck sweaters. He's currently on the phone talking to Ruth.

In other news, I had a couple of job interviews last week, and it looks like probably none this week. Johnny and Joseph seem to be doing well enough. Johnny will probably be here this weekend. Ruth, Adrianna, Andrew, and Megan: you all will have to speak for yourselves, since the only contact I've had with you is on the phone/internet.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone on this last trip, including Grandma and Grandad and seeing Judi and her nieces at the farm.

Btw: I just learned from Richard that we live in the Wimpleton Palace. Strangely, I never knew this before. Can you tell this is not a planned post?

I really should think about what I'm going to put up here before I start typing shouldn't I?

Adri: Richard just asked if you were going to be in town for his farewell address. No need to respond. I just laughed at him.

I posted all the good quotes from this week on google+, but now realize I should have saved them for this forum. Oh well.

One goal I have for next week: Not only post, but think of something to write before I start typing so I don't end up wasting your time reading gibberish.

Some interesting articles:
An example of Changing News Slant

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love you all


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