Sunday, October 16, 2011

Richard's leaving, but I'm not bitter...

Hello everyone,
As it is his last couple days, I thought I would do a Richard-themed post! Why, you ask?
Richard is leaving Tuesday! Because he doesn't love us.... :'(
What does a Richard-themed post entail? Not much of note. Mainly, I just compiled a couple of Richard-quotes from the quotebook:

Andrew’s Eagle Project. Adrianna and Johnny had been singing for quite some time.
Dad: Will you two be quiet?
Richard: You can’t get them to stop singing. It’s like asking birds not to fly… You have to break their wings.
Johnny: This brick cheese does not taste like bricks.
Richard: I think that is what it is supposed to not taste like.

Talking about the priest-laurel prom.
Ruth: So Richard, what are you wearing to it?
Adrianna: He’s wearing this really cool vest and this purple shirt.
Richard: It’s not purple. It’s a black purple.
Ruth: What’s your dress look like anyway Dri?
Richard: It’s black.
Adrianna: Actually it’s purple. Like a red purple.
Richard: Mine’s a lighter red purple.

Richard: And take your dead skin with you!

Richard: By the time I’d graduate I’d be like Pluto.
Ruth: You mean Plato?
Richard: Yeah, Plato...

Playing twenty questions:
Joseph: Is it male?
Dad: No
Joseph: Is it female?
Dad: Nope
Joseph: Is it asexual?
Dad: Yes
Richard: Is it a panda?

Richard's turn at twenty questions:
Dad: Is it in this room?
Richard: Yes
Ruth: Are you laying on it?
Richard: Maybe....
Johnny: Is it that pillow?
Richard: Dang it.

Ruth: Fats was making a weird noise on the way to pick up Richard.
Richard: Like a broccoli noise?
Ruth (taking it in stride): No, not a broccoli noise. More of a circular cricket noise.

Richard (with a face of absolute despair): Guh!...Oh No!
Johnny/Joseph: Richard, are you ok?!
Richard: Uh oh.
Dad: Did you throw up?
Richard: No, I swallowed a quarter. 
Dad is eating pulkogi from a pot in the car.  "Do you want some Richard?"
Richard:  Do you have a fork?
Dad: Yes
Richard: is the fork named your fingers?
Dad: Yes
Richard:  I always have to ask these qualifying questions.  Do you have a fork not named your fingers?
Dad: No

So, maybe that was more than a couple...

In any case, Richard we will all miss you very much.  You must write to us every week, with a three page minimum per email. Try not to work too hard, because then they'll make you a DL or a ZL or even an AP, and you will have less time to write us.  

In all seriousness though, I am very proud of you for sacrificing so much to do what you believe in. Don't do anything too crazy while you're gone. Stay safe (we want you in one piece for Joseph's wedding reception). Read the blog if you can (if not we can include posts in emails I suppose...?). Also, don't be too nervous; We know you'll be awesome!

In closing, everyone should write the things they love about Richard in the comments!

Love you all.

NB: Everyone else who has flown the coop (Andrew to Tanzania, Adrianna to Arkansas, Johnny to UVA, Joseph who never came home, and [inversely I guess] Dad): Sorry I didn't think to do this thing earlier. Maybe this should become a series theme!


  1. I will start:
    Richard's constant snacks and random dancing :)
    (Christine says hello and be safe[That's an order!])

  2. Richard being super noble and diligent in everything he does.

    Richard giving detailed descriptions of colorful shirts.

    Richard being an awesome breakfast buddy at college, (and lending me a calculator at many pivotal moments).

    Richard sharing the gospel with everyone and always looking out for others.