Sunday, October 9, 2011

Too bad there weren't any good children's books

Yesterday there was a huge used book sale. Christine and I spent the morning rummaging through boxes and boxes of used books. It was absolutely glorious. I only got a couple, but looking through so many books cheered me all the same. Monday after 2pm, the leftover books are all free. I look forward to more rummaging!

Right now I am sitting at a table in Hutchinson Hall, indexing a really faded 1875 NY State Census which is very hard to read. What is Hutchinson Hall, you ask? (Follow the link!!! Really, I promise it's not a trick).

[Space for you to click on the link:]

That's right!!! I'm sitting in a replica of the Harry Potter great hall! Be very jealous.
I actually don't know if it was the great hall, per se, but it looks like it (though it appears a little smaller [according to a helpful sign, occupancy of it by more than 300 people is dangerous and unlawful]).

Well, don't be too jealous. It doesn't mean that there is any more lighting than in Alderman, that the first-years-who-don't-know-how-to-study talk more quietly than those in Clemons, or that my census is any easier to read.
I'm not really complaining; I was just trying to make you all feel better about the fact that you are not here. Did it work?

Walking here this afternoon, I saw a raccoon, crouched by a tree. It looked rather confused.
I also saw some yew bushes and was struck by how very picturebook-ish the berries looked. Does that make any sense? I mean, it's no mimosa tree, but it could still be a plant out of Dr. Seuss, right?

Miss and love you all!

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