Thursday, October 13, 2011

A dikdik

Today I had my first exam, Wildlife Ecology. It went well I think. I spent most of the rest of the day relaxing and studying for my next two exams tomorrow.
It's been raining (the short rain season started) a lot here. In a few days everything turned from yellow and dead to lush green. Also, the dirt turned from dust into actual dirt. It's quite eye-opening being here where water is a determining factor for so many things and is too often absent. It definitely is going to stick with me and how I use water.
I got to learn some Jiu Jitzu and Judo throws in the rain, getting really muddy. It was a lot of fun.
The coolest thing that happened today was Moses came up to us while we were doing throws and asked us to find a dikdik, which is an antelope that's about a foot tall. We found it behind Okello's (The camp director) house, and it ran out through the hedge out of the camp. Moses wanted us to chase it out so that it wouldn't eat our garden, which is growing very well now that its raining.
On Sunday, when we get past our exams, we leave for the Serengeti! We're their for four or five days, camping. I am super pumped. Hopefully hyenas will sniff around our tents at night.


  1. good luck on the exams!! :D
    and don't get eaten by hyenas!!

  2. I looked for videos of killer dikdik's to show you how dangerous it could be to chase one out of a garden unarmed like that, but for some reason even youtube doesn't have them. Must be some kind of conspiracy. I am really glad you are enjoying yourself...but use some caution please. Just because they're small and cute doesn't mean they aren't zombies.